Hover, finally a registrar which feels right!

Logo hover

I used to have my domains registered at godaddy.com, and I moved away a couple of years ago because I could not stand all the ads and clutter in godaddy's pages. Then I moved the domains to bluehost.com, mainly to make things simpler (I am hosting my sites at BlueHost), but now they have started charging $10 per year for the "privacy" option (a service to keep your real name, email, and address confidential). I don't like to have my real address in a public list, so I consider this option a must.

Then yesterday I found hover, and the site feels just "right". You have only the services that you need, the pages are clean and simple, and overall the price is right. If you consider the domain registration only, it is more expensive than others, but if you add the price of privacy, it becomes one of the cheapest. Hover might be a relatively young service, but it is backed by Tucows.

Last but not least: if you are interested and want a 10% discount, please use my affiliate code! Just use this link or enter "taglia" as coupon code.