iOS Application Development


This blog has not been updated for a long while, mainly because of lack of time (demanding daily job…). I will try to post again from time to time, but I have just started a new personal project (see below), so most likely the posts will be more focused from now on.

I have started developing again, after taking a long pause (I used to be behind CeMacSoft, producing an encryption shareware called KryptoSpace). For now I will focus on iOS, but I'm not excluding going "back to the Mac"… Especially I am not excluding the development of applications running on multiple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, and possibly in a browser as well).

The first project is a very simple application, JustTime, that I will likely release next week.

The idea is simply to develop the applications that I would need to make my life easier, and that I cannot find on the market. This is why I started developing JustTime in the first place: I needed a simple timer to use while giving presentations, and all the applications I could find in the App Store had a million feature but what I was looking for (and most of them did not look good…).

An interesting discovery: to develop an iPhone application I spent far more time in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop than in Xcode! On a mobile application each and every pixel counts.