Cesare Tagliaferri

I love development, and in 2006 I decided to start programming apps for iOS (which at the time meant iPhone): CeMacSoft was born. I made my first iPhone app, a free presentation timer. And then life caught up, I was underwater with work, and JustTime was not updated very often.

A couple of years later I moved to macOS development and made a couple of apps, which again I did not have time to maintain. KryptoSpace, the most complex, could transparently encrypt any folder on a Mac. At that point, I moved to Open Source, with HandBrakeBatch (HBB), a batch processor for HandBrake, which had considerable success. The code is on GitHub if anybody is interested; I stopped maintaining it when HandBrake implemented batch processing, although they never matched the features of HBB.

At some point, I fell in love with ruby and web development. I made a simple portal to allow HBB users to donate to charities, a photo sharing app for app.net (a cool social network, while it lasted).

More recently, I created a platform called LegacyNest, which unfortunately never really took off.

And now, I am CTO at TSC.ai.

What next?

I will mostly use this platform to blog about technology or other things that catch my interest.

About privacy

I am a strong believer in the universal right to privacy, so I will not be tracking you while you are on this site, and I will let anyone else track you. All content, style, fonts, scripts used on this site are hosted locally; there are no calls to any external service or third party domain.

As a consequence, I have no idea if what I write is read by anyone and, honestly, I do not care ;-)

If you want to follow me here, please use good old Atom, I do not want your email address.

I have listed my social accounts below, but please keep in mind that I am not very active on any of them.