JustTime is a simple chronometer. When you do a presentation, or give a training, it is valuable to have a simple indication of the time spent. This application does just that, trying to remain as simple as possible, and eliminating all the unnecessary clutter. JustTime is completely controlled by touch gestures.

The first user of this application is myself: I made it because I needed it, and I have tried to keep it simple and functional, but please do let me know if you would like other features to be added, or if you find friction when you use it in your workflow.

If you receive a call or close the application for any other reason, it keeps running and it will show you the updated time as soon as you start it again.

You want to reset the time? Shake the phone!

Available on the App Store

You can use JustTime to:

  • Know how long you have been talking, while giving a presentation or a training;
  • Know how long you have been practicing your musical instrument (I put JustTime on my piano);
  • Have a continuous visual indication of the time spent doing anything.

Here are a couple of screenshots: