Cesare Tagliaferri

Minting myself into an NFT

Jul 17, 2022 - The idea behind this post came to me from Twitter’s initiative, allowing users to set an NFT as profile picture. Unfortunately, I arrived into the NFT world late, and I do not own any of the blue-chip assets. At the same time, I like the idea of having my photo as profile picture. So, I decided to create an NFT collection and to mint my photo as an NFT.

Global Mute using Keyboard Maestro and Stream Deck

Apr 27, 2022 -

Since the Work-from-Home trend started, video conferencing software has become prevalent. I often have to switch between different platforms since not everyone uses the same: usually, I am on the receiving side of an invitation. This switching makes it challenging to build muscle memory for the most crucial action during a video conference: muting and unmuting the microphone.

Coming Back

Oct 18, 2020 -

It’s been a (very) long while since I posted something here, and it’s not for lack of ideas. The reality is that time is always the most precious commodity, and, for some reason, other things always end up taking priority.

A personal rant on Security and Privacy

Nov 27, 2018 -

You may have noticed an increasing trend of news articles about breaches of privacy, confidential data being leaked, and abuse of privacy regulations. We are used to big companies being hacked, leaking private data, and their ineptitude in handling these privacy incidents. You probably remember the Equifax data breach in 2017, or more recently, in Singapore, SingHealth (Singapore’s biggest network of healthcare facilities). The trend started with non-technology companies, but is spreading fast, and has begun to affect the FAANGs: Facebook (and its subsidiary Instagram), Google, Amazon. Apple is still holding for the moment. This list only covers the most hyped cases of the past few weeks.