HandBrakeBatch 2.0 released

I have just released the new version of HandBrakeBatch, featuring a brand new icon and support for multiple languages (audio and subtitles). I have also fixed many bugs and done some general optimization. All in all, a lot of new code went in, and with it I expect a fair amount of new bugs ;-) Please be patient and let me know if I broke something, I will do my best to fix it quickly!

Here is a summary of the new features:

  • New icon
  • Added support for multiple audio languages (check the Preferences)
  • Added support for multiple subtitle languages (check the Preferences)
  • Available audio languages and subtitles shown for each file in the main window
  • Added full-screen support (Lion only)
  • Updated growl framework (to v1.3.1), with support for “mist”

The update will happen automatically if you already have the application, otherwise check the main application page.