HandBrakeBatch 2.11 released

I have just released a new version of HandBrakeBatch. All the necessary to accept donations is in place, please do not hesitate to donate! I have selected four charities, go ahead on the donation page to learn mode.

I have added a simple popup to remind donations, but you can dismiss it and it won't appear again. Beside this, I have finally added the most requested feature: HBB can now process complete folders, adding all video files inside the folder (the entire folder tree is explored). This is the main highlight, but not the only improvement. For a complete list of changes head to the Release Note.

The web application to manage donations is developed in Ruby on Rails, and hosted on Heroku (I have used a free plan, so it takes some time to start when it has not been used for a while: please bear with me). Your donations are handled by JustGiving, and you can remain completely anonymous to OSOMac: my donation application just receives a confirmation with the donated amount, so I can track the total collected.