HandBrakeBatch: fix the automatic updates

Unfortunately the SSL certificate that OSOMac is using (free Class 1 certificate from StartSSL) has a problem. The problem is with StartSSL's intermediate certificate embedded in the OS: this certificate is expired since October 2012, so the end-user certificate that our site is using is not trusted by Mac OS X.

As a consequence, HandBrakeBatch refuses to accept any update, given that the source is not trusted. In reality there is no security breach here, the only problem is that a valid certificate is not cheap, and I still hope this problem will disappear soon (the intermediate certificate should be updated at some point).

In the meanwhile, you can manually trust OSOMac's certificate, thus enabling the automatic updates again. I have recorded a short screencast showing how to do this. If you have any issue, drop me a line from the support page.

[youtube url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHnc0bbShSg" autohide="0" fs="1" hd="1" rel="0"]