HandBrakeBatch 2.23 released

After a long time with no updates, here is a new version of HandBrakeBatch. The credit does not belong to me though, I have simply merged a pull request kindly provided by Michaël Fortin. Many thanks to Michaël for his contribution.

Here are the changes:

  • Xcode-recommended project changes to fix warnings.
  • Set path control to "Standard" style instead of the deprecated "Navigation Bar" style.
  • Minor layout (alignment) tweaks in main window.
  • Moved all frameworks and dylibs to Frameworks group.
  • Replaced Growl with OS X notifications. Deployment target is now 10.8+ (Mountain Lion) instead of 10.7 (Lion).
  • New Yosemite-style icon.

As usual, you can update from the application itself, or download the new version from the product page.