ShelfMenu 2

I have been quite busy in the past few weeks (or rather in the past few weekends…), revamping an old freeware application of mine, released a while back on CeMacSoft: ShelfMenu. I have redeveloped the application almost entirely, updating the code to Objective-C 2.0, moving the data storage to Core Data, and redesigning the UI.

The idea is to release ShelfMenu on the Mac App Store as soon as possible. I planned to release it last weekend, but I decided to take some more time and polish it a little more. The first release won't have many features, I prefer to keep it simple and to make sure it works correctly. Then I will gradually add the functionality (data syncing among multiple Macs, iOS version, etc.).

Here are a couple of screenshots: nothing is final, so they are likely to change before the release, but you will get an idea of the new look of the application.

Release date: unknown… In terms of functionality the application is almost ready for the first release, but it needs quite some polish in many areas.