HandBrake 0.9.6 is out

HandBrake team has just released a new version of the tool: both the GUI and CLI have been updated. Here is a link to the release note. I was hoping they would have added batch processing, but it does not look like so. I guess I will have to maintain HandBrakeBatch a while longer!

In case you wonder, most likely this weekend I will do a maintenance release with the new HandBrake engine, and hopefully I will also have time to fix a nasty bug which causes HBB to freeze during the initial scan of some files.

From the release note there seems to be only minor changes to the CLI. I am not sure if HBB parses the new standards presets correctly, although I do not expect major issues. If you want to update HandBrake you can download the new version here.

[warning_box][highlight1 variation="purple"]A recommendation[/highlight1] Backup your preset file before running the new HandBrake. From your home folder, this file is located here: [code]Library/Application Support/HandBrake/UserPresets.plist[/code]