HandBrakeBatch 2.4 released (big release)

I have just released v2.4, with the new HandBrake engine (0.9.6), and a bunch of other long due enhancements. The new version should show up if you check for updates, or you can get it from the HandBrakeBatch page as usual.

Here is the (almost) complete list of improvements:

  • Replaced HandBrakeCLI with v0.9.6
  • Update manicure.rb script with v0.9.6
  • Added a preference to disable language scan completely
  • Added a timeout to avoid freezing while scanning for languages
  • Position and size of the application windows are restored on restart
  • Files are converted as they are displayed (from first to last)
  • Possible to reorder files in the list by dragging & dropping them
  • Other minor improvements

Note: HandBrake team has not released a 32 bit version of the new CLI, if you are running on a 32 bit machine HBB will still use v0.9.5 (untested).

Note 2: As usual, the amount of testing I have done is minimal, do let me know if you have problems!

[warning_box]Update: If you installed 2.4, please update to 2.5, I fixed two annoying bugs that creeped in the new version…[/warning_box]