HandBrakeBatch 2.9 released

I have just released version 2.9 with a number of new features, among which the option to delete source files after conversion. I have improved the detection of a successful conversion (directly parsing the output of HandBrakeCLI), still [highlight2 variation="red"]please be careful and backup files important files before converting them![/highlight2] Let me know if you encounter problems with this version.

Open the article to see the complete list of new features and improvements, or see all the release notes on the wiki.

  • New: Option to create conversion log files (always written if the conversion fails)
  • New: Indication of number of files converted and total
  • New: Option to put converted files in the same location as the source
  • New: Conversion is done in a temporary folder and then moved (iTunes will process it correctly if the destination is the Automatically Add to iTunes folder)
  • New: Possible to delete source once the conversion is completed (the source is deleted only if the conversion is successful)
  • Improved: Detection of successful / failed conversion

These additions were among the most requested: you can see the entire list of planned features on the wiki.