Future of OSOMac

I have not updated anything on this site in a very long while. Partly because I do not have the time to maintain my applications, partly because the misalignment between the site and my current situation creates a lot of friction. The last sentence might sound a bit unclear, here are the main points:

  • I do not like the design anymore: my taste has considerably changed since I had chosen the current theme, as the general design trends;
  • The current structure does not reflect well the primary purpose of the site: this was supposed to be a platform to showcase my creations, but now I have the chance of coding for work;
  • WordPress is an overkill for my needs;
  • I fell in love with Jekyll and static websites: Jekyll is a work of art, and the speed and security of a static site are unattainable with any back-end.

I already run two Jekyll websites, for the two companies of which I'm CTO:  I know what is going on at any steps of the chain, without having to rely on any back-end code (that I did not write) to do some magic. On top of that, with a simple CI/CD setup, I can update the sites from my phone in minutes.

So, here is the plan:

  1. Prepare a new, plain and minimalistic design;
  2. Migrate from WordPress (which I'm hosting on a DigitalOcean droplet) to Jekyll;
  3. Start writing again: not often, but whenever I have something to say.

Timeframe? Days, maybe weeks, but not months.