New Website Online

New Architecture

The new OSOMac is online!

As already said last week, I decided to migrate OSOMac to a new architecture. Over last weekend I had some time on my hands, and I started. The migration went smoothly, and as far as I can see, most things should work.

So, OSOMac is not running on WordPress anymore, and is now entirely static, hosted on AWS S3, and cached all over the world by AWS CloudFront. Thanks to CodeShip I only need to push an update to a specific GitHub repo, and the site is automatically deployed. There are plenty of posts on how to move from WordPress to Jekyll, but if you are interested in more details of my own experience, feel free to ask in the comments (which hopefully works with Disqus), or use the contact form.


This new concept is by no means a completed work; I will retouch the design and hopefully write a bit more often.

All the old permalinks should work as usual, but I did not go through all the old posts and fix the various WordPress shortcodes, so some images are missing, and some text is poorly formatted. I doubt I will ever have the time to fix that. However, if you need something that you can’t find, let me know.

Oh, I have left a link to the descriptions of my old apps, but I will leave it to the reader to find it (and if you have old links they should still work). Also, all the download links for HandBrakeBatch should still work, just much faster.

Atom feed

The Atom feed for the website changes from /feed/ to /feed.xml. This should be managed transparently by most RSS clients, if not, please change it manually.